Free Fashion Glamer Action

Free Fashion Glamer Action

###Turn your image into a awesome eye catching image in just few seconds !! just load and play! it’s very easy to load and use.

-To open these action presets in Photoshop, simply double click on the .atn file.

-To have these presets loaded in your Photoshop actions panel by default, find the folder

entitled “actions” within your Photoshop folders, and drag and drop the .atn file in it.

-To use these actions, open up the Photoshop action menu (window-> actions) and with a photo opened

and selected in the layers panel, select an action and click the play triangle!
hotos : Working Software Version : CS4 English Version.

Software support version : CS2,CS3,CS4,CS5,CS6,CC, English Version.
| This action set has been developed for any type of cover design for example magazine, book,
advertisement , poster, Photographers and Personal graphic or designers. FEATURES Arranged
(all layers are automatically arranged in a Group Folder) Make changes (most of the actions
has been created using “Adjustments layers” which gives you the chance to change the values
in your own way)

May every body know that Picture is very important issue because without a proper picture
you can’t make accurate view .. so please provide a quality picture for better look …
which you expect
Help Gide included

Open the zip file, Double click ATN (action file ) than it will instal in your Photoshop,
now go the window menu >> click the action option ….. now show action plate in your front ……
select action than play action .

Contact me at: If you have any problem using the action, feel free to ask Best Regards,

mri khokon profile link:

our site :
or for any questions or concerns! I will be glad to help!

You can ask any question of our product
Get a supports super fast replay
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Free Fashion Glamer Action

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